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Video: Soul memory works like muscle memory

soul wholeness video Nov 26, 2021

Many of our hopes and dreams stand in contrast to what’s safe. That's OK when we function from a place of health. But, when we live from a place of unhealth, we can step back rather than leaning in.

Think about it like this...

Many of us actually know what we want to do, what we desire in life:

  •  We crave a thriving marriage— but need to face some tough convos in order to get there
  •  We desire to grow a large, prosperous business— but need to “put ourselves out there” and lead others in order to do so 
  •  We imagine ourselves going back to school— but need to make some scheduling things happen before such is a possibility  

You get the idea. There are probably a lot of important things you want, things just on the other side of an invisible fence that you’re afraid might shock you.

But, again, many of those hopes and dreams stand in contrast to what’s safe. Those things are our version of the game-winning three-point shot, made while falling backwards and jumping amidst galloping foot traffic while hearing people in the stands cheering for us and against us at the same time. While all this occurs, our rules continue informing us— even if we’re unaware of them, even if the boundaries are no longer in place. 

It may be that we have the wrong soul-memory, right?

Or, perhaps we have the soul memory that saved us during a different season of life, one we’re no longer in…

In fact, as you began envisioning what any of those “victories” or “dreams” might be for you, your mind might have begun flooding with negative thoughts almost immediately. 

Sometimes, we “go to war” with our thoughts. Doing so often creates an internal tug of war, a true struggle. So, we push our way through until we, inevitably, hit a wall and stop. The “stop” often reinforces a rule— an invisible one— we hold in place. And, a bunch of rules strung together often create a script, a story line we begin living, all as a means to manage our environment and protect our self from pain.

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