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Even the best road has potholes

the next best step video Jun 10, 2022

If you’ve watched the movie The Wizard of Oz, you know that Dorothy travels down the Yellow Brick Road throughout the course of the film. Eventually, she finds herself in Oz- and meets the Wizard. 

Why does she end up in Oz? 

By now, you know the answer: she ends up in Oz because that’s where the road goes- despite the trouble she encounters along the way. 


Notably, we often question the road we’re on when trouble comes. However, the road still works- and it’s most often a mistake to simply change paths if we know the path we’re on takes us to the intended destination. 

Think about that for a moment...

If you’re headed to the beach and get a flat tire, you don’t change directions because you hit a minor setback!

Yet people often do this very thing in “life.” They start stepping towards recovery and wholeness, meet a proverbial “flat tire” (i.e., lose a job, a friend bails out on them, something else upsetting happens), so they presume that the road was a bad road. 

It wasn’t- it isn’t. You just bumped into a pothole. You just need to keep going. Sooner or later, you’ll arrive at your destination. 


Never, ever, ever, judge the entire road based on one small pothole... 

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