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Dealing with your disconnects

the next best step video May 13, 2022

We often think that our situation is unique- that it won’t turn out, whatever it is, like it does for other people- for all other people. Just like the two ladies in the example above. 

We forget that verses like Proverbs 7:26, which relay to us that seductresses like adultery have many victims- not just a few. In other words, they are well-worn paths.

Or, to say it another way, in the same way success leaves breadcrumbs and clues and all sorts of signs we can follow...

... so also does the path that leads to destruction, derailment, disillusionment, and disappointment. 



And, of course, you always end up at the destination point of that path, unless you change courses. The road always takes you where that road goes.


Assess yourself

That said, you should ask yourself a three questions related to your path.


🤷‍♂️ Are there disconnects in your life?

This may be something like you want to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, but you do not spend time with God.

It may be physical- you want to be healthy, but you continually eat the wrong foods and watch TV instead of heading to the gym.

It may be familial- you want your kids to know the Lord, but you do not take time to read the Scriptures to them. You spend the majority of your time, instead, sitting in front of the television or pursuing a hobby.


🤷‍♂️ Are there discrepancies between what you desire in your heart and what you are doing in your life? 

If you desire one thing but are doing something different, it’s a clue that you should make another plan and begin walking another path.


🤷‍♂️ Is there alignment between your intentions (what you want, where you want to be) and your direction (the path you are taking in reality)?

Are your current action steps on the correct path?


Remember... you're special, but not the exception to the rule. 

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