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We recently hosted a cookout for some close friends, had Dr. Dave (the OolaSeeker) "Zoom" in, and connected with others across the U.S. to get a behind-the-scenes look at Oola's new, one-of-a-kind, tailor-made-to-you personal development platform.

Instructions: Watch the first video below and then continue taking the next best step for you.


Welcome to the Life You've Been Waiting For

Video 1 of 5 = < 3 minutes

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There Must Be More To Life Than This

Video 2 of 5 = < 2 minutes


Dr. Dave built the life he wanted. Everything was going great-- until it wasn't. In his late 30s, he found himself

πŸ‘‰ facing bankruptcy,


πŸ‘‰ no longer living in his dream home but in a hotel on the bad side of town...

…. maybe you've been there...

... or to a different version of the bad chapter of life...


Watch this video-- and then follow the link to learn how he climbed out of the pit...

Learn the framework Dave used
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How to Design the Life You Were Created For

Video 3 of 5 = 4 minutes


You just saw Dave's story... 

βœ… how he HAD his dream life...

… then—

❌ how he lost it


Here's how he rebuilt it, the "framework" he used... he calls it "Oola."


Oola = a nod to the longer word Oolala, which means that “everything is working perfectly, just as it should…”

The word describes a life that works in harmony-- in which everything is balanced and growing... and just feels... right.

Learn about Oola's (new) personalized TO YOU digital platform
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A Program that "Learns You," and then Leads You Forward!

Video 4 of 5 = < 8 minutes


Oola offers you fully customizable, tailor-made content for you. Yes, it’s UNIQUE TO YOU!

The digital platform accounts for your season of life, your unique dreams, and the place you see yourself down the road. Then, the platform shows you specific action steps you can take each day to move closer to the life you're designed to live.


Watch my friend Dave explain in this short video…

See Dave "demo" the product here!
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Your Dashboard + The Daily Tracker

Video 5 of 5 = 9 minutes


In this vid, Dave talks about the new Oola digital coaching platform…


The tailor-made dashboard is unique to you-- and is the place where you'll find the action steps you created, personalized content dedicated to you, and a "gamified" experience that applauds you as you move forward.

(In this video he shows you the computer screen-- you can't see the phone-- and app-- he's holding in his hand!)

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