"The Ladder," the tool we created for our Advance events, will help you get there- by focusing on the things that matter most! Here's how it works...



And it's short. Although many of your dreams seem so far away- whether it's business, health, relationships- achieving them is actually closer than you imagine!

I'll show you how to get there...


INSTANT ACCESS to ALL of the info- some of our best graphics, props, and illustrations- make sure you see the greatness within you!

This is the same info we taught hundreds of guys- who flew cross-country to 10 different live events to "get it." They paid thousands of dollars to fly, stay in a hotel, and invested three days in their personal growth.

You can receive instant access from the comfort of your laptop, tablet, or smartphone right away!

The Ladder is a simple process... of looking at everyday questions in a radically profound way. In fact, the questions are so simple and obvious that you may have overlooked them!

As you work your way through the modules, you'll learn more about you, more about those closest to you, and begin uncovering some simple action steps you can take, everyday, that create a ripple effect. 

You'll gain a solid of grasp to live the best version of you- and you'll see how small actions create an exponential impact to help you succeed in every area of life!

7 videos you can watch + re-watch (take you HIGHER, FARTHER, FASTER

We'll start with THE BIG IDEA- What is it you want to do? 

It may be business, it might be health. It could even be a relationship with your kids or a rockin' marriage. At the Advance workshops where we teach this material live, the answers vary dramatically- and each answer is unique to each individual. 

(Some people choose business goals- most don't- even though this stuff works in business!)

Ah... if you've seen the pics floating around Facebook, or even seen a short video clip, this is the session where we build the bridge from "here to there" and then start stepping!

Face it: you'll get further if you know WHAT you're doing that someone who doesn't.  But, you'll for further still if you know HOW to actually do the thing you're destined to do...

The place we are now, well, it's a result of the skills we have- or the actions we take.

In this lesson we talk about 

  • the good-fast-cheap pyramid,
  • the iceburg,
  • the four quadrants,
  • the no-for-now-not-for-later concept, and
  • a few other concepts that will help you #crush this one!

You'll uncover the thing that drives you!

The heart. The drive. Business is hard work. So are relationships.

Even the great ones. In every thing you do there are ups and downs. 

This is the lesson where we pull out the ladder and start climbing. And, of course, once it's out, it stays on stage. This tool will become your go-to when talking to friends, your business partners, and others!

We weren't designed to dream- or do it- alone. Your dreams were meant to be, and are better, when they're shared.

Enter, the bus. 

This is the lesson where we initially get the most push-back, but it quickly becomes everyone's favorite. You'll learn all about raw, real relationships in this one...

And you'll see the rubberband illustration firsthand.

You'll watch 10 guys make- and start tossing paper planes. You won't ever forget the life-changing relational lesson they learn here!

The greatest external output always begins with an internal process. You change before your world around you does.

As we ascend the ladder and tie it all together, we wrap by affirming the greatness that's in you. 

It's already there- you may have just forgotten about it, or it may ahve gotten pushed aside in the hustle of life.

With each area you define, you'll find yourself narrowing your focus- and preparing to achieve more with less effort and far less stress


There's an amazing future crafted just for you- it's yours for the receiving!

In just a few hours of learning, you'll understand:

  • WHAT =  The idea. This is the thing that's in your head!
  • HOW = The implemenation. This addresses the work of your hands- the skills you acquire and actions you take to make the idea happen!
  • WHY = Inspiration. The heart. Something drives you. Let's tap into that!
  • WHO =  Interdepdence. Dreams are better, when they're shared. You'll love the concept of "the bus" and how it applies to every area of life.
  • YOU = Introspection. The greatest external output alwas begins with an internal process.

While we recorded this course LIVE we also captured some of the best breakout sessions from some of the most humble, top-performers I've seen anywhere!

Your all-access, forever pass to the online class includes the following talks

Success starts inside your house

No kidding. Verick & Les started the Advance workshops (where we taught this material) with me just over two years ago. Verick leads with great insight and intensity- and Les loves people with great genoristy. It's a great mix! You'll love hearing from them throughout the course.

The myth of overnight success

My friend Scott Schuler has been uber-successful in business. Now, he works and makes more money so he can bless more people. 

In this interview with Les, which quickly turns into an interview from the entire audience, he gets raw & real about his highs- and his lows.

All success is, well... the same!

My friend, Jason Howton breaks it down in this bonus session called "Three Fundamantels of Success." They're the concepts he uses as an engineer, that his wife uses in her essential oil business, that their daughter uses in her clowing gigs, that their son uses on the football field... 

A real British butler will teach you about people

This bonus session is a game-changer, too. David sounds smart, in part, because everythings sounds better with an accent. And, he sounds smart because he's so incredibly clever.

In this session, he'll tell you how to win with people. Every single time. Yes. Every. Single. Time.

We'll even show you how to take your dream online

In the world we're in, now, you'll interact more online than you do offline. Yet, hi-tech still requires high-touch. That is, technology doesn't replace relationships. Rather, it gives you an opportunity to enhance what's already there.

Everybody loves Jim Bob!

Your dream is contained by you. And you're contained by your body. So, you've got to be healthy in order to achieve the great things the Creator has placed inside you.

We "contracted" Jim Bob to talk for 45 minutes. He rambled for 40 (all great!), and then went 20 more minutes over. The result is 60 minutes of "must see" Jim Bob!

3 bonuses will help you go farther, faster, too!

1. Start learning with videos + eBook!

You'll have access to download the 194-plus page eBook. You can put it on as many of your devices as you need to. Place it on your computer. Your iPad. Your smartphone. 

Follow along as we teach the lessons with this fill-in-the-blank style book. (Or, for those of you who can't wait, just flip to the back, get the answers, and learn on your way, watching the videos at your own pace.)

Full of graphics, illustrations, and charts, this book will become a go-to manual that you'll visit and revisit.

2. Your game plan on a single page- perfect for the fridge, day-timer, desk calendar, or dream board!

You'll also receive this great poster- print it out and you'll have a cheat sheet that we create during the lessons. This will become your roadmap, your playbook, to move from where you are now to where you're designed to be.

You'll identify your destiny- and begin living the presence of your best future today!

3. You'll hear from two of my friends- two of the best communicators everywhere, with two of the biggest hearts!

Verick & Les started the Advance workshops (where we taught this material) with me back in 2014.

Verick leads with great insight and intensity- and Les loves people with great genoristy. It's a great mix!

You'll love hearing from them throughout the course.


Complete your checkout and you'll have INSTANT ACCESS to the digital products (video + audio + eBook)

  • 7 video lessons- 9 hours of total teaching through the main lessons at Advance 6.0 in Atlanta
  • The eBook (194 pages), fill-in-the-blank style. Work through the material just like you're in the room! (And, if you want to work ahaed, the answers are in the back of the book)
  • Quicklook Chart- the poster where you write-out your plan, in real time, as we develop it during the 7 main sessions (think of it as a "cheat sheet" that you create while you're learning)
  • Bonus breakout sessions- all 6 covering everything from family to goal setting to health to how to build a business online
  • 2 recorded webinar-style reviews of the material (45-minutes each), to help you rewind and capture what you've learned
  • Forever access- watch it over and over and over again, as many times as you need! There's no limits.
  • And, it's mobile friendly. Learn in your home or office, or take it on-the-go!
  • And more! Keep scrolling for the bonuses included in this offer- breakout sessions, interviews, and other content to help you continue taking the next best steps