No faith, no problem

Some people believe that if you don’t have enough faith, the miracle won’t— it can’t— come. They teach that, if you think about it, faith is the strongest force in the universe— even mightier than God Himself.

“That’s why you’re not healed,” they proclaim (often with an annoying degree of confidence)— “you don’t have enough faith.”


Here are two problems with that line of thinking…

👉 First, it places an emotional and spiritual burden on the person NEEDING the healing that Jesus never put on them.

👉Second, when we look in the Bible we see that not only was faith NOT a requirement for healing, sometimes people didn’t have any faith at all… and, other times, they “borrowed” a friend’s faith they didn’t even know they were drafting upon… and, there are times when Jesus just showed up and healed people who didn’t even know how He was.


Needing a miracle but think you struck out because of your low faith quotient…?

Listen in…



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