God doesn’t make people sick, ill, or injured

Many times we don’t know why we’re sick, injured, or ill…

… and it’s easy to blame God.

When we do, we actually place things on Him that we don’t see attributable to Him from the Bible.

It makes sense that we do this— on one hand. Quite simply, when we’re facing something difficult we want (we NEED) answers.


If God causes people to be sick… then why go to the doctor to change it?

Or if he brings illness to “teach us a lesson,” then why not just endure the lesson?

Or if it’s His will for us to be sick, why pray against it?

A better way…

… not easier, but maybe better…

… is to just lean in and see what the Scripture actually says about it… and then start building a mental framework from there.

As we move into a new (short) series of talks on physical healing, that’s where we begin— getting our thinking right about whether or not God caused this calamity in the first place.



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