Are you depressed or are you just tired?

A few years ago, I found myself sitting in a nearby coffee shop.

(I find myself in places like that a lot.)

As I finished typing a chapter for a project I was completing, I stared out the oversized storefront window next to my table. Outside, the day was perfect. It wasn’t one of those dreary, grey-colored days that makes you feel foggy.

Yet, as a closed the computer (without turning it off, of course), I thought, “I’m really tired.”

Inside, something was brewing. Something wasn’t quite right…


I looked back outside. Sometimes the weather makes me feel tired, as if my body mimics what happens in the environment. Clearly, this wasn’t that, though.

“Why am I tired?” I pondered. “I went to bed last night around 8pm, watched a movie, and then slept 10 full hours. This doesn’t make sense…”

Then I thought about the bigger life situation in which I found myself. I looked at my phone (always on, right?) and re-read the previous few text messages. A once-close companion had drawn a sword against me. I realized I wasn’t tired as I sat there in the coffee shop, I was depressed…

And, no, I might not have met the clinical definition such that a professional could diagnose, treat, and prescribe me, but I was clearly down…

Now, get this, depression and tiredness often mirror each other. In other words…

#1- Depression can make you feel tired.

#2- Being tired can make you feel like you’re depressed.


In this episode of the podcast we talk about FOUR more signs you might be about to emotionally redline it…

The story above…? It highlights the second to the last…

Here are the others…

💔 You feel sickish or sluggish for no reason.

💔 You’re “short” or snippy.

💔 You feel depressed or down, and you can’t figure out why.

💔 You’ve recently endured trauma or “hard things.”

Listen in, then… for action steps you can take now towards wholeness, reference the free resources below….



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