Sometimes you need a “hard reset” in order to keep going

In our culture we value productivity…

… not the pause.

But, the pauses are often part of the productivity. And, they’re how we find healing, renewal, and the energy to move forward.


If you’ve own a cell phone (I know, the technical name is mobile phone, now, and everybody has one), you’ve probably had unresolvable issues with it, called tech support, and then heard them tell you something like, “Alright, do this for me. Let’s perform something called a hard reset. We’re going to completely power the thing down, wait a few moments, and then start it back up.”

They always promise something that seems absurd for such a simple task as turning the phone off: “That should fix it.”

Generally, they’re right. It does.


Now, here’s where it fits in with US…

… The more trips I make around the sun the more I realize we’re exactly like those machines. In order to “work right” we’ve got to pause, too.

That is, you’ve got to power off…

… and that’s where fun comes in….



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