The Holy Spirit is (always) looking to work THROUGH someone to reach TO someone (Spiritual Gifts 2)

A few years ago I was in a church service when the visiting preacher, at the very end of his message, locked eyes with me, and began talking. To be clear, in front of everyone, he directed his statements towards me.

They were clear.

They were concise.

They were spoken in front of everyone— so all the people attending that morning could hear exactly what he said.

They were laced with grace.


The VAST majority of the things he said to me were facts there’s no way he would have known— unless I told him or unless God did. And though there was nothing “new” or revelatory about the words he spoke, he succinctly confirmed some of the musings of my heart.

I told a friend about this story and he asked, “Why would God tell you THROUGH him? Why didn’t God just tell you directly?”

The thing is…

… well…

God had. God had told me multiple times.

But, when that men spoke, it really confirmed in my heart that I HAD BEEN hearing the voice of my Heavenly Father all along, because He went out of His way to tell someone who had NO OTHER WAY of knowing…

… except for God told him.

And He told that man to speak to me.


Now, think about it…

Yes, we find stories in the Bible where God shows up “out of nowhere” and does something. He sends ravens to feed Elijah (1 Kings 17:2f.). He speaks to the prophet Balaam through a talking donkey (Numbers 22:21f.). Peter pays the temple tax after Jesus tells him to catch a fish— and the coins are in the fish’s mouth (Matthew 17:24f.).

Yes, God can do whatever He wants.

But, most of the time…

… even 99.9999% of the time…

He works THROUGH people to touch other people.


And that’s part of the point of the spiritual gifts (remember, as we discussed in the previous talk, that word doesn’t actually appear in the New Testament per se). They are a means whereby God— at the capacity of Heaven— works THROUGH people to reach TO other people.

That is, we become conduits, connectors… to the Kingdom.


Listen in as we walk through the first nine “gifts of the spirit” that Paul mentions in 1 Corinthians 12:8-11.




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