All things at all times all for good (w/ Adam Hicks)

Adam and I wrap our series of 3 talks here, landing on the premise that “all things work together at all times for your good” (Romans 8:28).

Notably, Paul— the author of the verse— didn’t say that—

❌ all things are good

❌ all things are caused by God

❌ God only works the things together for the good in which it wasn’t your fault, that you had not part to play…

Saint Augustine referenced this verse centuries ago and said, “If God works everything together for the good, that means He even transforms my sin into something good…”

Yes, grace is that big.


In this talk Adam and I discuss a few ideas that are important to hold onto…

⭐️ Transparency vs privacy

When he walked out his restoration (and when I walked out my redemption), we chose to be completely transparent with a FEW people— but we were very private.

In our culture we get the two mixed up and assume that we should share everything with everyone.

Consequently, we over-share with the masses, but keep the people who should be up close at a distance…

👉 Transparency means that we are fully known… by the people who need to know.

👉 Privacy means that people who don’t need to know… well, they don’t have access.

These two ideas CAN and SHOULD co-exist, especially when you’re “bouncing back” from a tough season.

⭐️ You can’t fill the void

A new help won’t heal an old hurt. The “voids” you feel must be felt and then HEALED, not simply “filled” with something new…

If you artificially “fill’ a hole, you will give power OVER future relationships to the one in the past who hurt you.

Don’t FILL a hurt; HEAL a hurt…




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