Development in your disaster (w/ Adam Hicks)

In the previous talk Adam and I discussed the first thing to do when you face trauma— recognize where you are and choose to feel it…

We’re promised that Jesus meets us “in the fire,” and the truth is that we’re going to go through the pain…

As Adam says, “It’s better to go through it WITH Jesus than it is to endure it without Jesus.”

That leads us to the point of talk #2 in a series of 3: Self-development in your disaster.

You see, there are things you can acquire in a trial + trauma + tribulation which can’t be collected in any other way.

A few years ago when I was walking through my own “disaster,” my friend Les told me, “We don’t know the outcome. We’re praying for it, but we don’t’ know…”

He continued, telling me to focus, during that time, on two things…

👉 Jesus

👉 The kids

That twas it. Those were the only two things promised.

And, of course, both of those areas GREW massively…

Here’s the deal…

Adam reminds us that if you focus on developing during the disaster, there are things you’ll gain, too, and you’ll emerge on the other side BETTER.

If you don’t focus there, you’ll continue feeling the pain and speaking through— and living out of— unprocessed pain— well into the future.

It will cloud all future relationships.

It will clutter all future opportunities.

It will taint the blessings that are waiting for you just ahead…

Adam says that one of the things which helped him the most was the right voices…

“The right voices lead to the right choices,” he says.

The right voices are people who—

✅ Love Jesus

✅ Love you

✅ Love the offender, as well.


By the way, we discuss the “victim mentality” in this talk, too. We decide that you MUST acknowledge that you were the victim, when you were…

… because that IS ACTUALLY part of the story.

Now, you don’t get to “stay there,” that is, you don’t get to set up shop as that being your IDENTITY.

But, you must own that—

♥️ you were hurt by what someone else did, and

♥️ you have hurt others in the past, too, even if not in this instance

♥️ sometimes, the reality is that we DID have a part to play in this instance…


In the end, it goes back to what my friend Les said— you can’t control what the other person does, but you can control what’s in front of you.

Start there.

Trust God and the promises of Romans 8:28 with what you CANNOT control, but be sure to manage the things which you can…



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