You can feel it now or you can feel it later (w/ Adam Hicks)

Last year I met my friend Adam Hicks, a pastor at Desperation Church, in the Green Room at a church facility dedication.

We have similar stories…

👉 happily married

👉 doing what you feel like you’re called to do

👉 things have never looked better

👉 the rug is pulled out from under you when the wife taps out


👉 you don’t necessarily get to go through it without others watching in and weighing in…


Notably, I met him when we were BOTH on the other side of the pain.

✅ married— and experiencing a depth and partnership we didn’t know possible

✅ doing more of what we were called to do

In other words, we’ve both rebuilt— and are rebuilding….

We kept up with each other after that initial meeting… and, I’ve learned from Adam and his story (it’s all in a book, BTW— the link is below).

I asked him to sit down and share some of his story with me, and record it, so I could share it with you.

Here’s where he began…

👉 You can feel it now or later.

That is, when trials come our way, we can push the feelings off (and people even tell you TO do that— “just keep yourself busy!”) OR we can, as we talk about in the “emotional wholeness checklist” that’s part of the Soul Wholeness book:

✅ Recognize our feelings

✅ Read what they’re saying to us (even if it’s not “good”)

✅ Respond in a healthy way (even if it takes time)

Note: if you don’t deal with the pain now, you’ll continue dealing with it in subtle ways until you choose to handle it…

We learned, too (both of us), that the circumstances you’re praying for MIGHT NOT change in the way you want them to…

… you might not get pot of gold at the end the rainbow that YOU were hoping for….

… you might not get a redemption story that looks like a “cleaned up” version of the old story…

But you are guaranteed that God will meet you “in the fire,” as Adam says.

And, when that happens, hope is present and healing can happen.



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