The “small” in front of you is the door to the “big” that seems beyond your reach

We’re always looking for the next big thing, it seems— a project, a place, or even a person that will help grant us our identity and value.

But the “big,” Biblically speaking, often comes through the small.

In fact, the extraordinary— and supernatural— often breaks through the moments of ordinary and natural.

In the Old Testament we meet King David, the man who established Israel as a dynasty.

But before he was the king, he was the shepherd boy.

And it was during that season he did the one thing he’s perhaps the most famous four. He slayed Goliath.

Here’s what’s interesting about that story, though. David didn’t go looking for a fight. In fact, he was going to deliver bread and cheese to his brothers, to make sure they— the “real” soldiers— had enough food and supplies.

It was amidst the minutia of doing THAT task that the door opened to something massive, something that propelled him to centerstage.


Think about it.

The big moment— or breakthrough— you’re looking for may not come through a big platform or stage or any other thing.

It may— and most often does— come through faithfulness where you are, by doing the SMALL thing you’ve been entrusted to do.

And by doing it well.


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