Vibrant faith is more about transformation and less about information

Last week, I shared the first talk from a small group I co-led over a decade ago. This week, let’s continue…

The second week of the “Simple Christianity” series at the Birmingham Dream Center (during our small group that ran from January 2011 through August 2011), we talked about this reality:

Faith is more about LIFE TRANSFORMATION than it is amassing INTELLECTUAL INFORMATION.

That sounds like a no-brainer, I know.


But how many times have you heard people say they’re leaving one church for another because “I’m not being fed” at my old church?

What do they mean by that?

Quite simply, I wish the pastor was teaching information at what that person seems to be a mentally superior level than what they’ve heard.

Here’s another example:

How many times have you thought that you were disconnected from God because you hadn’t read enough pages of the Bible or didn’t complete a certain checklist of action items (generally something to do with a book study)?


I’m not against “meaty” sermons or Bible reading or book studies. In fact, we could probably all use MORE of each of them.

But those aren’t the measures God uses when evaluating our spiritual growth.

And, they’re not the measures we should use, either.


Here’s what I think: Jesus prefers to be encountered, not merely explained.

Or, to say it another way: God prefers you…




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