How to find and fulfill your purpose

A few weeks ago, my friend Barry Cosper reached out about the LifeLift project.

“Can you come talk about it at the minsters conference we do each Monday?”

“Sure,” I replied.

“And can you bring your Dad?”

Dad wrote the original version of LifeLift 20+ years ago— back when he pastored Hilldale Baptist Church in Centerpoint (where I grew up). He handed the material over to me a few years ago to rewrite, reboot, upgrade… and then worked through the editing process with me afterwards. 

Barry provided us a date— which happened to fall on Spring Break. Dad’s schedule was clear, so he and my Mom drove down from HSV, spent some time with the kids, and then we went to the Metro Birmingham Baptist Association to speak with their crew.

Somewhere during that week, we were offered ANOTHER invitation to talk on their podcast, just before the weekly conference. So, of course, we obliged— and we’re honored to do so.

What’d we talk about…?


⭐️ What LifeLift is

⭐️ How the framework empowers you to live the life you were created for, using your unique personality and design and more to fulfill your purpose

⭐️ How to get the book free…


Hint, grab it at 




Note: this is a re-broodcast of Chris Crain’s podcast (he’s the Director of Mission at the Birmingham Metro Baptist Association. The podcast originally aired 3-28-2022 on their channels: