What Jesus actually came to do (Identity #1)

One of the foundational concepts for understanding who you are is understanding who God is…

… and that entails grasping hold of what Jesus actually came to do.


Four big ideas to listen for in this talk—

👉 No one had seen God, until Jesus came.

Some of the heroes of the faith encountered God throughout history in radical ways.

In Jesus, rather than remaining “unseen” or being seen “in disguise” or through a mediator, God was present as a human. He was one of us.

👉 Jesus isn’t just taking us to a place; He also takes us to a person.

Even after all the time the disciples spent with Jesus, they still had difficulty comprehending that Jesus and the Father were “One.”

Yes, it’s true that Jesus takes us to Heaven, but our destiny is not just connection to a place but to a Person.


👉 Whenever we see Jesus, we see an accurate expression of the Father.

Jesus revealed the Father through His words and His deeds, that is, through both His message and His ministry.

Jesus shows us what God is actually like.

Jesus is perfect theology.


👉 Jesus was intentionally sent to provide us with this description, this accurate representation of God.



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