You’ll Overcome It (The Freedom March #6 of 6)

Jesus has been far more successful than you and I were taught— and what most of us have experienced.


We’re all emotional.

Our feelings are a vital part of who we are. If we don’t find healthy ways to express our emotions they’ll “leak” in unhealthy ways.


In this video we open Scripture and discover how soul health is part of the overall health Jesus offers us.

Here are three main points to listen for.

1. Redemption = freedom.

2. Jesus is our Redeemer, the One who sets us free.

3. Jesus redeems (frees) our whole self, our total being.

We can only be as healthy as the weakest part of us— be it our bodies, our minds, our spirits, or (yes!) our emotions. A more emotionally whole you is a healthier you.



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