Disconnect from Unhealthy Hindrances (The Freedom March #5 of 6)

Issues arise when we attach our hearts, for any reason, to the wrong place. When we do, bad fruit always emerges. When we connect our hearts in the right way to the right things, beauty emerges.

(This is the third type of soul wound we discuss in this series— go back to lessons 3 & 4 for Triggers / PTSD and Guilt + Shame / Moral Injury.)


Here are three main ideas to listen for…

1. The “fruit” we see in our lives is a result of the unseen “roots.” To grow better fruit you must nurture better roots.

2. Addiction happens when we attach our hearts—

❌To the wrong things, or

❌To the right things for wrong reasons

And, note: we can find ourselves “addicted” to many things. In fact, over 2/3 of the people who seek addiction help do not have a chemical dependency.

3. The cure for bad “roots” = knowing and walking in your true identity. When we get this healthy, good fruit emerges.

Dealing with soul ties is about walking in freedom— so that nothing hinders us from embracing who we’re designed to be.




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