Free of Guilt & Shame (The Freedom March #4 of 6)

This talks leads us to the second of three types of soul wounds we discuss in this bonus podcast series, guilt and shame.

They’re a nasty tag-time that thrives in the dark— and, unfortunately, get lots of help from unhealthy people who spew at other people…


Here’s this duo works—

We’re born with a moral compass— an internal rudder of right and wrong. When we violate our personal conscience, soul wounds can occur. Moral Injury, a soul wound akin to PTSD, is often the result. Rather than eliciting a fight or flight response, MI creates feelings of guilt and shame.

Here are the main ideas to listen for-- 

1. “Moral Injury” occurs when we violate our code of morality, that is, of right and wrong. The result... is guilt & shame.

2. The uncommon cure for Moral Injury— for guilt & shame— is mature love.

3. In relationships you can choose intimacy or control, as well as transparency or hiding... but not both.


True love expels fear with great intensity, creating space where people own who they are and move forward to who they’re designed to be. The all-too-uncommon cure for guilt & shame is receiving forgiveness— unconditional love— from someone the wounded person believes has the moral authority to grant that forgiveness.



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