Leave Your Baggage (The Freedom March #3 of 6)

You don’t make it to adulthood without some baggage.

And, no, not all baggage is bad. Some of it’s just… well, baggage. Just like at the airport. Just stuff we carry around.


Here's where the issue with bagage comes in, though...

We often mis-read events in the present through the lenses of the past. Triggers often create a response which would actually be appropriate in a different time and place. The un-health manifests when we react to a safe present as if it is an unsafe past.

Here are the main ideas:

1. Perception is not always reality.

2. Four signs & two responses show us when our expressions get unhealthy.

The signs are:

❌ Always on (i.e., “hyper-vigilance”)

❌ Re-experiencing feelings when certain senses kick in

❌ Avoiding certain things

❌ Negative feelings

❌ Fight

❌ Flight

Here’s the issue, though— we create certain responses (see above) for various reasons— some healthy, some unhealthy.

👉 Functional rules = friends = help us (don’t touch a hot stove, fear of heights, walking down dark alley)

👉 Dysfunctional = foes = hinder us (lack of trust in relationships, fear of failure, etc.)

(You’re not flawed, btw— many times your response is totally in line with your past experience. The issues arise when you react to a safe present as if it’s the unsafe past.)

3. We eventually get more of what we expect, creating a “flywheel” of momentum.

In other words, if we don’t work through the “triggers” we’ll find ourselves constantly living from “soul memory,” something much like muscle memory.



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