Everybody Hurts (The Freedom March #2 of 6)

Everybody hurts.

I think the band REM actually sang it first, but we’ve all FELT it…

Some of us have even said it.


Another bonus episode of the podcast…

The truth is that many of us face challenges, hard times...

In the same way we pause when we encounter physical pain, we should also stop when we experience emotional pain. This requires us to recognize that some wounds and scars aren’t visible— they’re invisible. Even though they remain unseen, they’re just as real.

Here are three points to listen for:

1. Life is beautiful, and life is hard.

2. There are four ways (at least) to deal with the “hard.”

3. We won’t progress— as a person— beyond our ability to deal with “hard.”

Rather than minimizing our hurts and pushing forward, we acknowledge them and slow down. We rest, we recharge.

We may find we’re still wounded, but at that point we’re able to move forward with better perspective as we step back into the rhythm we were designed to live.


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