The Soul or the Spirit (The Freedom March #1 of 6)

In this bonus episode of the podcast we introduce the Freedom March 5-Week Intensive… 

… and we do so by talking about the difference between the Spirit (the part of us totally connected to God) and the soul (the part that causes all of our “issues”).


Here’s what to listen for in the talk: 

We each have a body, a soul, and a spirit. It’s easy to confuse the soul and the spirit, but distinguishing each from the other is essential to walk in total health.

Here are the three main points in this lesson:

1. There are two unseen parts of us, the spirit and the soul, and they are different.

2. God intends to redeem all of you, that is, gift you with total wholeness.

3. You reap the benefits from the part of you into which you lean the most fully (meaning we want to live from the spirit), yet each part is important (so we also want to take care of our bodies and move towards soul wholeness).


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