93. Live at the Next Level

For the past few months I’ve been working on my app— to provide Faith-Driven Life-Coaching = move from where you are to where you're designed to be, experience life at the next level

In this episode I talk about one aspect of the project, a new app.

By the way, before we get started, go ahead and download it—


I was sitting at a coffee shop with a friend, telling him about this project, when he asked, “What’s unique about it? How does it differ from other faith-driven, life-coaching resources out there…?”

I began to describe it.

And, in doing so, I realized that part of the approach here involves pulling things TOGETHER which we often (wrongly) separate.

For instance…

✅ God & You

Scripture teaches us that God is working on our behalf… and we are also responsible for working.

Paul encouraged us to “work out our salvation…” (notice, we do it) “… because God works in us” (that is, He does it… Philippians 2:12).

In another verse, Paul said that he “worked harder than all the other apostles.” Then, he added, “Yet, not I… but the Lord working through me” (1 Corinthians 15:10).

In other words, BOTH are important. We work in partnership with the Holy Spirit— as He express Himself through us, supernaturally doing things we can’t do on our own.

✅ Heaven & Here

Jesus told us to pray that the Kingdom would come… and that God’s will would be done, on earth. Here. Now. In the present.

And, He told us that we shouldn’t look OUTSIDE at externals for the presence of that Kingdom. Primary, we should look INSIDE…

“The Kingdom of God is within you,” He said (Luke 17:21).

That is, the work of the Kingdom is largely an “inside job.” And, the energy we expend in the world should be an overflow of what God is doing in us… enabling Him to then do something incredible through us.

Eternal life, then, isn’t about “going to Heaven when you die.” Though that happens, it’s about an ongoing experience which begins now…

… something to which we invite others to participate.

✅ Head & Heart

The Pharisees in Jesus’ day knew Scripture intimately. But, on more than one occasion that missed the fact that the very text they studied actually described— the prophesied— the Jesus standing before them.

“You search those words because you think that in them you have life,” Jesus observed, “but those all point to Me…”

Then— “But you refuse to come to Me so that you can experience that life.”

Should we study?

Yes, we’re told to love the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul, MIND, and strength (See Matthew 22:37). This, includes our body (strength / fitness), as well as our intellectual capacity… and our emotions….

In other words, this outlines total wholeness— a wholistic encounter with the Creator.

And, in the end, God is better encountered than merely (only) explained…

✅ Spiritual & Practical

Psalm 78:72 informs us that David led with BOTH skill and the Holy Spirit. Many times, people think these two extremes are at odds— that we should just “wait” and “let God do it.” Other people think that we should just do it all ourselves… and maybe, perhaps, God will show up.

But the Bible shows us that we can always expect both…

… and we see throughout the written text that God routinely shows up and empowers people to do everything in life.

“Whatever you do,” we read, “do unto the Lord… for it is Him you are really serving” (Colossians 3:23-24).

This is why you’ll find, throughout these books + courses + coaching resources, an intentional blend of the supernatural… side-by-side with the radically practical.



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