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1. The Compensation Plan
2. Comp Plan Changes
3. Biz-building Strategy
4. What to do each day to grow
5. Common Biz Questions
6. The Green Gap
7. Other Tools
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1. The Compensation Plan

How you get paid

1. Subscription Bonus
2. Member Sales Bonus
3. Uni-level Bonus
4. Infinity Bonus
5. Tier-Advancement
6. Leadership Rewards
Comp plan review

2. Temporary Comp Plan ChangesThru June '22-- these all benefit you, the biz builder

Changes thru June '22
Changes thru June '22
Changes thru June '22
Changes thru June '22
Still the same!
Your free book

3. Strategy

How to "work" the business

How to grow fast
You need to know...
Grow slow + steady
The power of consistency
Business owner mentality
Productive vs "busy"
Structure to make rank
Your free book

4. How to share

Where to find people + what to say

How to share, part 1
How to share, part 2
The people you know
Your free book

5. Frequently asked questions

Things biz builders consistently wonder...

How to grow anyway
Understand the comp plan
Numbers Breakdown
Your free book

6. The Green Gap

Helping people serve their purpose, not payments

Biz-building strategy
2.5 minute overview

7. Other Resources

Additional helps + deas to accelerate your biz

Strategy for men
Free 21 day challenge

8. Free paperback books

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