The LifeLift Personality Profile / Assessments

LifeLift contains 5 personality assessments-- each which provides a glimpse into who you are, the goal being to help you find + fulfill your purpose.

There are no "wrong" answers. Rather, each assessment highlights what's right about you-- and offers you a glimpse into how God has crafted you to make a difference in this world.

Though no assessment can tell you what your "gift" is, this resource CAN help point you in the right direction OR confirm where you already feel God leading you.

4 of the assessments are currently available online. And, as you complete an assessment, personalized content will open specifically for you and your unique design. 

Assessment A = DISC / Colors

The DISC / Color assessment highlights your personality— based on whether you prefer people or projects, and whether you’re (predominantly) and introvert or an extrovert. 

20 questions. Grade yourself 1-5. Estimated time = < 5 minutes.

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Assessment B = Created Design

Your created design reveals how you perceive and interact with the world around you, based primarily on how you were created.

77 questions. Grade yourself 1-5. Estimated time = 15 minutes.

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Assessment C = Personal Reflection

God works through our past experiences, our present experiences, as well problems and potentials we see around us. These reflection questions help us distill our thoughts and focus on what He may be doing around us, as well as what He may want to do through us.

6 questions (2 = yes/no, 4 = optional answers with 1-2 sentences). Estimated time = 10 minutes.

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Assessment D = Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual gifts denote the way God primary works through you, expressing His presence and power to the world at a capacity that exceeds what you can do in your own strength. 

72 questions. Score yourself 1-5 on each. Estimated time = < 15 minutes.

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