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An online course to help you find mental health + emotional healing

Because it's almost impossible to walk in your full potential when you're dealing with unhealed hurts

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If you’ve ever felt (or experienced)—

(See if this seems familiar.)

πŸ’”Something “unseen” holds you back, regardless of how much you pray… and you can’t seem to snap out of it

πŸ’”You should act one way (and totally intend to), but then that familiar thing happens yet again and you almost automatically— not matter how hard you try not to— find yourself reacting the exact OPPOSITE of what you intended

πŸ’”You were absolutely determined to step away from that unhealthy habit (or even that toxic relationship), but found yourself stepping back into the “same ole same ole”— as if on auto-pilot

πŸ’” One more thing— an achievement, an award or accolade, a bit of applause or acknowledgement— would make it all worth it… but it never came OR— sometimes, even worse— it DID and it still all felt pointless and empty

πŸ’” You can figure out why “more faith” and “more worship” and “more whatever religious practice you amp up into” doesn’t fix it— even though everyone else swears it should (and you’re not so sure they’re being honest about their junk, anyway)

πŸ’” You keep reading and re-reading present situations in light of past pains… even though you know this is a different time and place, which should be full of new possibilities

πŸ’” You’ve recently faced something traumatic (or may even be in the middle of it), and you realize that “bumper sticker-isms” and pithy sayings aren’t enough… you just need people to be real about the reality that life is both beautiful AND life is tough.

If so...

...#SoulWholeness will equip you to deal with the hurt and discover how to move forward to a healthier version of you— one that doesn’t deny the hurts of the past (and even present) but determines of find health and wholeness.

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It's almost impossible to walk in your full potential when you're dealing with unhealed hurts

There is a path forward...

1. Review the Training

Register and receive instant access to the complete course + resources-- review them as often as you'd like

2. Recognize the Problems

Learn how to identity the common soul wounds + gain practical tools that work in the real world

3. Respond Healthier

Develop a new way of responding— instead of reacting— using the “tools” you acquire 

Meet your guide

Andy Jenkins, Teacher + Developer of Soul Wholeness 


I thought I had it all together…

… until I didn’t.

Just when I thought everything was going fine, it all fell apart. A bankruptcy, a few foreclosures, a divorce, a few once-close relationships turned topsy-turvy, two failed adoptions…

I just assumed it was my lot to make messes (and fall into the messes of others, as well).

Leaning back on the truths I learned in grad school, as well as the roots of my faith, I began forging ahead

I’ll be your guide as you walk through the #SoulWholeness course. Together, we’ll move beyond the hurts of the past (and present), so we can truly fulfill the purpose for which we were designed.

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If you're a person of faith and still feel yourself floundering, consider what I learned on my journey to #SoulWholeness

This video contains some of the introductory info from Soul Wholeness.

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I learned—

πŸ’œ There are three common soul wounds— and you can have them even when your spirit is strong

πŸ’œ We each have a body, a soul, and a spirit. The soul and the spirit... are different.

πŸ’œ It’s easy to confuse the soul and the spirit, but distinguishing each from the other is essential to walk in emotional vitality and total health.

πŸ’œ To walk in total wholeness we’ve got to take care of both aspects of the “inner person.” In other words, health involves not only spiritual wholeness but also soul wholeness, because the body is different than the spirit and the spirit is different than the soul.

You can be healthy-- spirit, body, and soul...

πŸ’œ I experienced all three of the wounds we discuss in #SoulWholeness— and my inability to move forward with a plan actually made the problems worse

πŸ’œ Having a plan won’t erase the pain or eliminate every problem we’ll face in the future. But, it will help us experience less of them… and, when we do face hard things we’ll move forward with less friction

I’ve been there…

This on-demand 14-video course shows you how to walk in total wholeness so your emotions can serve you rather than being enslaved by them.

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What's in the course?

The 4-part Soul Wholeness overview | After building a foundation (part 1), we'll outline the three hurts and how to heal (part 2), then we'll access practical tools we can use each day (part 3), and then make a plan to stay "soul whole" (part 4) (click buttons below or scroll to learn more).

Module 1 | Foundations
Module 2 | 3 Types of Soul Hurts
Module 3 | Five Tools You Can Use
Module 4 | Walking in Freedom

Module 1 | Foundations

We each have a body, a soul, and a spirit.

It’s easy to confuse the soul and the spirit, but distinguishing each from the other is essential to walk in total health.

We’re all emotional. Our feelings are a vital part of who we are.

If we don’t find healthy ways to express our emotions they’ll “leak” in unhealthy ways.

In this video we open Scripture and discover how soul health is part of the overall health Jesus offers us. 

We can only be as healthy as the weakest part of us— be it our bodies, our minds, our spirits, or (yes!) our emotions. A more emotionally whole you is a healthier you.

The truth is that many of us face challenges, hard times...

In the same way we pause when we encounter physical pain, we should also stop when we experience emotional pain. This requires us to recognize that some wounds and scars aren’t visible— they’re invisible. Even though they remain unseen, they’re just as real.

Rather than minimizing our hurts and pushing forward, we acknowledge them and slow down. We rest, we recharge.

Many times we look for restoration to occur— especially when things become broken. Whether it’s our health, finances, marriage, or another relationship, we often want to “return” to what once was…

But, restoration isn’t always a return to how things were.

Many times it’s a move forward to how things should be. That often means “different” and “better” than you originally experienced.

Once we recognize our emotions, we can read what they’re communicating to us.

Then, rather than being controlled by them and reacting to circumstances in unhealthy ways, we can respond in healthy ways. 

This leads us to the first of three types of soul wounds we’ll discuss. 

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Module 2 | Three Types of Hurts

The first of 3 soul wounds we discuss is "triggers," that is PTSD.

We often mis-read events in the present through the lenses of the past. Triggers often create a response which would actually be appropriate in a different time and place.

The un-health manifests when we react to a safe present as if it is an unsafe past.

Many people think PTSD is rare. Turns out, it’s quite common. What’s uncommon is the formal diagnosis. Our goal isn’t to receive a diagnosis— nor to avoid one. Our goal is to walk in health, taking the path which will get us there.

We’re designed to grow by exploring the world around us. But, we bump into painful experiences as we do. So, we create (often unconscious) rules to protect ourselves from future pain. Some of the rules are functional (and help us), others are dysfunctional (and hinder us).

If we don’t work through the “triggers” we discussed in the previous video we’ll find ourselves constantly living from “soul memory,” something much like muscle memory.

This lesson leads us to the second of three types of soul wounds we discuss, guilt and shame.

Here’s how it works…

We’re born with a moral compass— an internal rudder of right and wrong. When we violate our personal conscience, soul wounds can occur. 

True love expels fear with great intensity, creating space where people own who they are and move forward to who they’re designed to be. The all-too-uncommon cure for guilt & shame is receiving forgiveness— unconditional love— from someone the wounded person believes has the moral authority to grant that forgiveness.

The third type of soul wound we discuss is soul ties. Issues arise when we attach our hearts, for any reason, to the wrong place. When we do, bad fruit always emerges.

When we connect our hearts in the right way to the right things, beauty emerges.

The “fruit” we see in our lives is a result of the unseen “roots.” To grow better fruit you must nurture better roots.

Dealing with soul ties is about walking in freedom— so that nothing hinders us from embracing who we’re designed to be.

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Module 3 | Practical "Tools"

Sometimes healing happens instantly. Other times, it comes as we choose to live well, with intention, over time.

This is true in the realm of physical health, as well as mental and emotional health.

In music, the rests are as important as the notes you play. Life is the same way.

There’s a definite beat to Creation that works well for us when we embrace it.

As we continue our discussion on walking in Creation’s rhythm, we discuss the third action step towards moving back in line...

Turns out, it’s not just the things we seek— or hustle for— which matter. Rather, the way in which we hustle is important, too.

That is, it’s not just what we do but how we do it.

Any work can be sacred; any hustle can be holy.

But, hustle can easily become toil. The opposite of work isn’t laziness. The opposite of work is toil. Hustle, but hustle in a healthy way.

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Module 4 | Staying Whole

Yes, we want to live in the present— and in the future— in an emotionally whole way. Sometimes, though, we need to go back in order to move ahead.

That is, we need to uncover the masks we wear and figure out why we build so many emotional walls.

In this video we’ll discuss two things which help us transform into who we’re designed to be spiritually and emotionally. You’ll be surprised at what they are, as well as how accessible they are…

If you don’t like the story you’re living, change it. We each have the ability to stand “outside ourselves” and assess what’s happening in real time. If we don’t like the story we’re living, we can learn from the past.

Rather than living from “rules” which haven’t served us well (or might have served us during a previous season of life), we can craft better responses for the future.

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Soul Wholeness equips you to: 

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πŸ’™ Experience emotional healing

.... because it's almost impossible to walk in your full potential when you're dealing with unhealed hurts.

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