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Video 1 = Is it the Soul or the Spirit? 


Physical health (your body), spiritual health (your spirit) and soul health (your mind, thoughts, emotions) are three different things— because each of those areas are different parts of our person. They’re connected, yes— but they’re different.

Video 2 = Everybody hurts

Emotional health isn't a "yes" or "no" proposition. It works on a sliding scale. That means you can be affected-- and benefit from help-- even if you're not diagnosable. In fact, most people aren't diagnosable.

Video 3 = Soul Wound 1 of 3, PTSD

When we’re triggered (i.e., PTSD), our emotions send us in a different direction than we want to go. We respond (wrongly) in the present AS IF the present was/is the past. If we can identify it, we can adjust.

Video 4 = Soul Wound 2 of 3, Guilt + Shame

Whereas “triggers” occur to external threats, guilt + shame are common reactions to internal threats, to overwhelming despair (or depression) based on wrongs we’ve done or rights we left undone.

Video 5 = Soul Wound 3 of 3, Soul Ties

Soul ties grow deep when we attach our hearts to the wrong things (i.e., addictions) as well as when we connect our hearts to the right things for the wrong reasons (i.e., unhealthy hustle, unwholesome relationships, etc.).

Life is beautiful, but life is also hard...

You don’t reach your 30s, 40s, or even your 50s without bumping into the reality that life is both beautiful and life is difficult…

… and, many times, pain is involved.

Sometimes, crisis happens as a result of the choices we make; other times it happens because of something others do. Either way, we can find hope and healing just the same.

(Pictured = The #FreedomMarch workbook)