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Your practical guidebook to find mental health + emotional healing

Because it's almost impossible to walk in your full potential when you're dealing with unhealed hurts

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If you’ve ever felt (or experienced)—

(See if this seems familiar.)

💔Something “unseen” holds you back, regardless of how much you pray… and you can’t seem to snap out of it

💔You should act one way (and totally intend to), but then that familiar thing happens yet again and you almost automatically— not matter how hard you try not to— find yourself reacting the exact OPPOSITE of what you intended

💔You were absolutely determined to step away from that unhealthy habit (or even that toxic relationship), but found yourself stepping back into the “same ole same ole”— as if on auto-pilot

💔 One more thing— an achievement, an award or accolade, a bit of applause or acknowledgement— would make it all worth it… but it never came OR— sometimes, even worse— it DID and it still all felt pointless and empty

💔 You can figure out why “more faith” and “more worship” and “more whatever religious practice you amp up into” doesn’t fix it— even though everyone else swears it should (and you’re not so sure they’re being honest about their junk, anyway)

💔 You keep reading and re-reading present situations in light of past pains… even though you know this is a different time and place, which should be full of new possibilities

💔 You’ve recently faced something traumatic (or may even be in the middle of it), and you realize that “bumper sticker-isms” and pithy sayings aren’t enough… you just need people to be real about the reality that life is both beautiful AND life is tough.

If so...

...#SoulWholeness will equip you to deal with the hurt and discover how to move forward to a healthier version of you— one that doesn’t deny the hurts of the past (and even present) but determines of find health and wholeness.

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It's almost impossible to walk in your full potential when you're dealing with unhealed hurts

There is a path forward...

1. Review the Training

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2. Recognize the Problems

Learn how to identity the common soul wounds + gain practical tools that work in the real world.

3. Respond Healthier

Develop a new way of responding— instead of reacting— using the “tools” you acquire.

Meet your guide

Andy Jenkins, Teacher + Developer of Soul Wholeness 


I thought I had it all together…

… until I didn’t.

Just when I thought everything was going fine, it all fell apart. A bankruptcy, a few foreclosures, a divorce, a few once-close relationships turned topsy-turvy, two failed adoptions…

I just assumed it was my lot to make messes (and fall into the messes of others, as well).

Leaning back on the truths I learned in grad school, as well as the roots of my faith, I began forging ahead

I’ll be your guide as you walk through the #SoulWholeness course. Together, we’ll move beyond the hurts of the past (and present), so we can truly fulfill the purpose for which we were designed.

If you're a person of faith and still feel yourself floundering, consider what I learned on my journey to #SoulWholeness

This video contains some of the introductory info from Soul Wholeness.

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I learned—

💜 There are three common soul wounds— and you can have them even when your spirit is strong

💜 We each have a body, a soul, and a spirit. The soul and the spirit... are different.

💜 It’s easy to confuse the soul and the spirit, but distinguishing each from the other is essential to walk in emotional vitality and total health.

💜 To walk in total wholeness we’ve got to take care of both aspects of the “inner person.” In other words, health involves not only spiritual wholeness but also soul wholeness, because the body is different than the spirit and the spirit is different than the soul.

You can be healthy-- spirit, body, and soul...

💜 I experienced all three of the wounds we discuss in #SoulWholeness— and my inability to move forward with a plan actually made the problems worse

💜 Having a plan won’t erase the pain or eliminate every problem we’ll face in the future. But, it will help us experience less of them… and, when we do face hard things we’ll move forward with less friction

I’ve been there…

This book shows you how to walk in total wholeness so your emotions can serve you rather than being enslaved by them.

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  • Learn the difference between your soul and your spirit, and how to manage both in the best way possible

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  • 3 unhealthy emotional mindsets and 1 healthy one

  • The three big soul wounds most people face (Triggers / PTSD, Guilt & Shame / Moral Injury, and Soul Ties)

  • Practical tools to move forward

  • Overcome the past (and present) and step into the promise of your full potential
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