Identity |  an online course to equip you to see yourself as God sees you

— based on your purpose & potential— not your past or your present circumstances

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We're designed to live "inside out"-- not "outside in"

Does any of the following feel familiar?

💔 You find yourself seeking accolades and awards... you think an achievement will help you feel more valuable as a person.

💔 You hustle hard instead of pausing to hear His voice... even though you realize you need to slow down.

💔 You attain your goal... and receive the applause of others, but then it feels emptier than expected.

💔 You stop to catch your breath from the constant cycle of activity... and then wonder why the efforts don't create more lasting change.

💔 You find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others-- to the size of their bank account, their role, their influence... and you wonder why you're gifts don't seem to "work" as well as theirs.

Identity will help you step into a place of rest and ease, the sacred space of the overflow...

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Learn to live from the "inside-out"

... and stop striving "out there" for the value that is already "in here."

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2. Soak in the Truth

Walk through the 5-part Identity framework and rediscover who your Heavenly Father is, as well as how He views you!

3. Live "Inside-Out"

Experience greater peace as you live from a humble confidence & awareness of who you already are.

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Your identity is based on what you think the most important person in your life says about you.

And understanding your identity-- and basing your identity on the right foundation-- is essential.

You see, if you don't find a humble confidence in who God made you-- and how He loves you-- you'll search for that identity is external things. You'll seek to "earn" or "gain" the very thing that's already true of you.

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I've been there,  done it the wrong way before...

‼️I wrongly placed my identity on achievements and accolades

‼️I didn't worry about the cost of "achieving" something new... even hitting artificial goals I set for myself

‼️I plowed over people, I was short & snippy, and I made short-cuts in the process

‼️I became depressed when things didn't "work out" as I hoped

‼️I left a wake of hurt behind me

I'm Andy, and I'll be your guide on this short trek to discover who we are AND live from the overflow of that RATHER THAN striving to "inflow things" from the outside to create a false identity.

Maybe the details of your story are different, but they have a common theme...

👉 We often (wrongly) think that we ARE our highest achievements or a greatest failures.

👉 We (wrongly) attach our personal worth to those "locations."

We need to remember that where we are isn't who we are. "Who we are" has already been decided by God.

I'll take you on a short journey to see yourself as God sees you and then live from the overflow of who you already are.

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Knowing who you are-- and basing your identity on the right foundation-- is essential.

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💙 See what God is really like

💙 Understand who you're designed to be-- and uncover how He truly sees you now

💙 Grasp the bigger picture-- and comprehend the grander scope of grace and the life you're empowered to live-- because understanding and "living out" of your identity is practical

Common Questions

Sometimes, already know. We just need to be reminded... 

In this 136 page, quick-read, illustrated book, you’ll discover your identity in Christ.

It’s essential we begin here, because if we don’t we’ll likely seek to “do good deeds” or "achieve" or “live our purpose” to fill a void we don’t already realize has been made whole.

When we get it right, however, the results are incredible! 

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