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Unlocking your purpose = as simple as using 3 keys (you already hold in your hands)

Instructional Obedience + Your Created Design + Your Supernatural Giftedness Unlock Your Destiny 

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What You Do = An Overflow of Who You Are

Your identity is what the most important person in your life says about you.

And understanding your identity-- and basing it on the right foundation-- is essential.

You see, if you don't find a humble confidence in who God made you-- and how He loves you-- you'll search for that identity is external things. You'll seek to "earn" or "gain" the very thing that's already true of you.

From here, we move to the three keys...

Key 1 = Instructional Obedience

It's become fashionable to work against Scripture or somehow think it "confines" us.

But the Bible helps us not only bulletproof our life, but it empowers us to launch into the best possible future-- when we read it how it was designed. 

The Pharisees thought they had "life" because they read the words of the text. Jesus told them they missed the point. The words were a launching point to so much more... 

Scripture outlines several components which are clearly "the will of God."

Many people want to find God's will for them in terms of vocation and calling, as well as relationships and opportunities before them.

And, a lot of people are looking for "next level revelatiopn." 

However, it's important to begin at the areas where God has already clearly spoken.

Everything else flows from here.

Key 2 = Natural Talents + Created Design

Whereas the directives God outlines for us in the written Word are radically similar for each of us, the way in which He created us is dramatically different.

Our natural birth-- and everything that comes "with the package" of us just being born-- highlights part of God's design for our lives.

When we unlock our Created Design, so much more begins to flow.

The seven days of Creation denote 7 different "created designs" we find in Romans 12. These designs are "gifts of the Father," blessings He bestows on each of His children.

(Jesus has gifts, too, that He gives His church-- per Ephesians 4:11-12. And, the Holy Spirit has gifts, as well, which we find in 1 Corinthians 12.)

God created you intentionally, with a long-term view as to the plan He mapped for you.

Key 3 = Supernatural Giftedness

We've been born physically (meaning we're flesh) and we've been born spiritually (meaning we're also spirit).

In part 3 of the LifeLift Framework we learn that the Holy Spirit also brings spiritual gifts into our lives-- unique ways in which God actively moves through us to impact the world.

Discovering this area of supernatural giftedness IS your third key to unlock your purpose.

The "gifts" are for us inside the church and outside the church-- they're for ministry and for mission.

The early church carried no distinctions as to who was called and who wasn't.

To them, the events that happened during the week were as sacred and special as the activities which punctuated the weekend. 

(And, what you do outside the four walls of the church is probably more important-- we only spent an hour at church each week, but we spend our entire lives everywhere else!)

The Ring = The Synergy of All Three

All three of these areas are important. 

  • Without Instructional Obedience, we step outside the bounds of the Kingdom.
  • Apart from our Created Design, we fail to acknowledge our uniqueness 
  • Omitting our Spiritual Gifts insures we have a form of godliness but lack its true power (2 Timothy 3:5)

The three keys each work together, creating a synergistic effect in which the sum is far greater than the parts.

Furthermore, you already hold each of these keys in your hand. You don't need to look for something new. You simply need to use what God has already offered you...

Common Questions

The LifeLift Framework enables you to understand who you are, equips you to live in close connection with the Holy Spirt, and then empowers you to use your unique gifts to fulfill God's purposes for you.

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