Three Things to Do Every Day to Grow Your Business

You know the three IPAs-- here's how to implement them every single day.


In this video we talk about the 3 Opportunities with Oola Global.

Note: this is part of the “3-step system” to grow your business (back to that in a minute).



Here’s how it works:

There are THREE opportunities with 3 steps to implementing each (think of this as a 3 x 3 x 3). And, note this is EXACTLY how we shared the system at Tostada’s, when Dave & Troy brought the bus…

The three opportunities are:

✅ #1 = Live Better

✅ #2= Make Money

✅ #3 = Build a Career


Let’s review each…



#1 = Live Better

👉 The design My Life Blueprint

(The questions you answer, mapping where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.)

👉 My Breakthrough Experience

(The first 90 days, where you implement the blueprint.)

👉 Community & accountability

(People who are cheering for you, walking with you, encouraging you.)



#2= Make Money

👉 “Now” money 

(Daily pay through enrollment bonuses, etc.)

👉 Passive income

(As you build a team, working through them— and their efforts, not just your own.)

👉 Leadership money

(As you build a bigger team, hit the higher bonuses.)



#3 = Build a Career

👉 Step 1 = Live it

(do the Design My Life Blueprint, complete your My Breakthrough Experience, and continue moving forward through your Year of Transformation.)

👉 Step 2 = Share it

(talk about what you are doing, the changes you are seeing…)

👉 Step 3 = Teach it

(Show others how to do what we are doing right here, using this process.)


NOTE, we have a system to train you and teach you all of the above!






Now for the big question: how do you implement it?

Here’s the steps…


👉 Step 1 = text message 3 people per day (audio-preferred, tell them what you are doing, and that you would love to show them some info if they’re open to it).

If they are, go to Step 2.


👉 Step 2 = send them a video through the Share Oola app…

Then, see if they are interested.

If they are, go to Step 3.


👉 Step 3 = invite them to the next weekly meeting, like this, where they are encouraged to enroll with you.

Note: you can enroll them before, but this takes the pressure off them— and it shows them that there is a support system which will help them, too…

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