Structure for Long-Term Success

Think long-term + live in the moment, by beginning with the end in mind.


When I first watch the Zoom call where Dr. Dave and Dr. Troy announced the 1B7 project to their group of certified Oola coaches, I noticed something…

They suggested you go find 7 leaders who will build a business by finding 7 more leaders themselves, who will each find 7 more… 

They said this even though the compensation plan only requires 3 legs to reach the highest rank in Oola.

Why would they say that…?

(Besides their affinity for the number 7!)

A few reasons… 



First, the multiplication of 7 is so much more powerful than the math of 3…

A lot of network marketing people teach, “Go enroll 3 who will enroll 3 who will enroll 3…”

Here’s what that does in a perfect scenario (not that anything works perfectly, but you get the idea)— 

  •  You enroll 3 and have 3 leaders
  •  They each enroll 3 and now you have 9 (3 x 3)
  •  They each enroll 3 and now you have 27 ( 3 x 3 x 3)

Again, 3 x 3 x 3 = 27

Think about the power of 7, though… 

  •  You enroll for and have  7 leaders
  •  They each enroll at 7 and now you have 49 (7 x 7)
  •  They each enroll 7 and now you have 256 (7 x 7 x 7)

The math of 7 x 7 x 7 = 256 and is radically greater than the 27 we reached in our first example… 



Second, some leaders grow fast and others grow slow. We never know how things will turn out. 

Even the best leaders— and the people you think will “crush it” end up facing unexpected life situations. So, tapping into 7 leaders who look for 7 who look for 7 is better….



Third, finally, this sets the idea in motion that we don’t just “enroll” and then stop. 

You might find your seven leaders immediately— or it might take months. 

In reality, though, you will always want to look for new leaders… because your team will replicate what they see you doing.



That’s all theory, though, so let’s talk real-world application...

Since you need 3 legs to reach the highest rank in the comp plan, we began by building 3 legs. 

And we continued enrolling additional ambassadors (we’ve enrolled 50+ as of the shooting of this video— and will continue enrolling), placing them throughout our organization (remember, you can be the Enroller and then place them for Sponsorship somewhere else in your organization.). 


Our first goal is to build 3 legs wide… and to go three levels deep… with each of those leaders have 3 legs.

Then we’re going back to the top to build 4 legs wide… and to help everyone go 4 levels deep…

Then 5 wide, by 5 deep…

Overall, I think this help us do a few things— 

⭐️ Build for strength without getting too wide too quickly

⭐️ Create a culture of helping your leaders by placing people under them, so that they will do the same for their leaders…

⭐️ Set legs strong enough to begin moving through the ranks at a steady rate

⭐️ Maximize the Unilevel percentages by keeping more leaders close to you, as depth is achieved 



In truth, strategy is more of an art than a science. And, as we learn more, we’ll post more… 

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