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Jesus has been far more successful at setting us free than we've thought.

In this eBook I'll show you SEVEN areas in which you're empowered to experience for more freedom than you dreamed possible. 

Whether it's...

⭐️ Mental clarity

⭐️ Emotional wholeness

⭐️ Physical healing

⭐️ Overcoming guilt + shame

⭐️ Living a bigger purpose

⭐️ Getting unstuck so you can move forward...

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Read the Stories

I'll take you deep into two stories straight from the Bible, stories you already know. We'll read them like the original audience did.

Make the Connection

When you see the freedoms they were given (in all areas of life) and grasp that you've been given the same freedom PLUS MORE...

Experience Freedom Now

You'll find yourself empowered to experience your best life now. And, you'll learn how in simple language you'll understand.


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