Oola Global Comp Plan Question

How many people actually follow through and do the biz? 

During our regular coaching calls, we take questions. Here's one of the best...


We all hope that the person we’re about to enroll will be the “big one,” that person that will make our business sky-rocket.— and hit those higher ranks…

However, industry experts— in the network marketing / direct sales space— suggest:

⭐️ 70% = enroll no one

⭐️ 20% = enroll 1-2 people

⭐️ 5% = enroll 3-5 people

⭐️ 2% = enroll 10 or more

And, the average of that 2% who enroll 10 ore more actually enrolls 27

Turns out, most of the people who come in and “do nothing” aren’t necessarily lazy, they just show up for the community. Many of them are busy car-pooling, schooling, managing their family, and doing the other activities of life…

This means that you need:

✅ a business framework that empowers people who want to run to be able to run as fast as they can

✅ a business framework that also makes space for people who don’t want to run, who just want to enjoy the camaraderie and friendships…

In other words, you need a culture of freedom and empowerment, space where people have a clear on-ramp to run quick if they choose to do so YET ALSO feel free to NOT run fast if they don’t want to….

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