#2 or 4 = Leadership Rewards Bonus

Oola Global Comp Plan Changes, announced January 2022

Video pulled from January 27, 2022 "Table Talk" Zoom in the World Changers Facebook Group.


The Leadership Rewards Bonus provides an element of certainty to your pay, as you receive this bonus any time you make rank. Officially offered at Platinum and higher (and escalating with each higher rank), watch the corporate incentives— as Oola Global has historically offered limited time bonus at Gold and higher, and even doubled the bonuses at Platinum and higher.


Through June 2022, the bonuses which have been ADDED are:

  •  G1 = $100 / month
  •  G2 = $200 / month
  •  G3 = $300 / month

The following bonuses have been DOUBLED: 

  •  P1 = doubled from $200 / month to $400 / month
  •  P2+ all doubled in the same way, all the way through the top rank

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