The Green Gap explained in just 2.5 minutes

A systemic way you can move to financial freedom and serve your purpose rather than serving payments


Money is one of the top reasons why people lose their purpose and passion. 

Here’s why…

Debt and financial burdens smother your options, bury your dreams, and take away your ability to make plans and move forward. You can’t think, feel, or find happiness with the weight of unrelenting financial stress. That’s no life. And it certainly isn’t Oola. 

Here’s a 4-step solution…


Step 1: Budget for the Coming Month, Making Two Separate Lists

Detail what income you’ll be earning and which expenses will be due. 

Total everything on the two lists.  


Step 2: Identify the Gap

Subtract the money going out from the money coming in. This equals the gap. 

👉  Money OUT - Money IN = Green Gap 👈

(Hopefully, you’ve got more income than expenses which creates “The Green Gap.” If you have more expenses than income, it’s a “Red Gap” and signals a financial emergency.) 


Step 3: Maximize The Green Gap

Maximize The Green Gap, that is make the gap bigger, by…

  • First, identifying ways to bring in more money—whether it’s garage sales, selling unused sports equipment, or taking on extra work. 
  • Second, cut down your expenses by cancelling anything that’s not needed. 

Yes, you might need to ❌ some things….


Step 4: Apportion The Green Gap 

Commit 45% of the gap to debt reduction, 45% to investments, and 10% to fun, such as weekend trips, eating out, hobbies, or good times with the kids. 

This works, b/c…

  • You’ll experience the joy of the journey and see your investments grow, too, which keeps you focused on the long-term goal of getting out of debt. 
  • This Green Gap 45-45-10 formula provides a financial feel-good way to become debt-free and increase wealth.
  • By following this plan, you will see your debt going down, while your investment portfolio is going up, all while having a little fun along the way. 

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