The Advance Quarterly Planner + Bonus Audio Training

Your daily companion to decide where you want life to go, then determine + do the steps to get there

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The Advance Planner is for you, if...

🧭 Your days feel long, but your weeks feel short.

🧭 You feel like you're executing the right things... and you feel exhausted.

🧭 Your “to do” list keeps getting punted down the line.

🧭 You constantly “write things down” but can't remember where you put them.

🧭 You think that with a little organization you could actually get something done.

🧭 You think you’ve FINALLY caught up— only to realize you’re farther behind than you originally thought.

🧭 You feel like a few minor adjustments and breakthroughs could create HUGE momentum. 

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Close the gap between the life you live and the life you'd like

Start today-- here's how

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2. Access the free training

Enjoy instant access to the audio training and begin learning the framework right away.

3. Begin dream-achieving

You'll make mind-shifts immediately... and be ready to "run" when your planner arrives in just a few days.

Make progress your daily habit!
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Plan or no plan, life happens!

So let's make a plan and live by design instead of default! 

Almost a decade ago I “accidentally” began co-hosting a semi-annual men’s event. We named it Advance, as we wanted our weekend events to help guys move forward— in every are of life.

Helping men grow and… 

🔥 build on-fire marriages

💰 begin making progress financially— and in business

🏀 get healthier, drop weight, start sleeping…

🏆 achieve goals such as writing books, learning new skills, launching new careers

❤️ start investing in their kids

🙏  nurturing their faith

… certainly sounded much better than a weekend “retreat.”

One thing was lacking, though: men needed “tools” to use between events— to build upon the progress and momentum they gained.

In other words, they needed resources they could review, as well as continue building upon.

That’s why we created:

🚌 Advance book + audiobook

🚌 Advance on-demand workshop

And... what you're viewing here...

🚌 Advance Planner

(We originally created these tools for guys, but they work great for gals, too!)

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A Look Inside

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Common Questions

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What You Get

The Tool

Quarterly planner | 5.5 x 8.5, 254 pages, 13 weeks | ships today

The Training

6 lessons x 15 minutes each | instant access on all your devices

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$49 value for just $8


Advance Planner w/ Bonus Training

  • 5.5 x 8.5 planner =  when you write it you remember it and apply it at a higher level

  • Personal development section = decide where you want to go + build a map there

  • Quarterly = break big goals into small steps

  • Two pages per day = with reflection questions / prompts

  • Weekly review, monthly review = track progress

  • Training included = bonus 6-lesson audio

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