Once a month we go "live" online and teach a specific topic related to health + healing. 

Sometimes it's related to physical healing, other times it's emotional... Always full of radical grace, these free classes are a great place to begin your deep dive into the river of grace.

One of the most often overlooked areas of total health is one the areas where we have the most to gain!

Emotional Wholeness involves recognizing your emotions, reading what they say before you react, and then responding to the world around you in a healthy + intentional way. 

I know. Way easier said than done. Especially, because… well… our emotions are involved, right?


Even the best, most nutritious food isn't be enough to fuel your body's total needs.

This is the first health class we've posted on the site... 

we see TWO kinds of healing in the New Testament. That's right, we see miracles AND we see "intentional health over time."

Turns out, Jesus did both AND He empowered the disciples to do both. Watch the video and you'll learn more in the first five minutes! Plus, the rest of this class will empower you to live strong NOW!


There are TWO kinds of healing. One relies on miracles, the other doesn't. We see both of them throughout the Bible.

Crazy thing is one seems out of reach (sometimes) and the other seems so practical that we almost think it COULD NOT be spiritual. The first kind of healing is ALWAYS POSSIBLE. And the second kind of healing is SO ACCESSIBLE actually shows us how near God is and how practical He has made His provision. Get ready to access it- for you or someone else. It's in your hand.


The "story we tell ourselves" in often the one that comes true. So what if the story isn't the one you want? Can you change it mid-stream?

Absolutely! In this online event I'll give you some tips + easy takeaways that have worked for thousands of others, guaranteed to work for you. And, it will all be backed by science + Scripture + centuries of history...

Don't like the narrative you're living? Let's adjust the plot!


Essential oils are popular today. They're in magazines, quick marts, and even bookstores... But are the really new? And what's the hype about?

When we open the Bible we learn that essential oils have been around for centuries. They were central to the Old Testament Tabernacle, they were integral to the sacrificial system in the Temple... even Jesus sent His disciples to anoint people with oil. Oh, and don't forget that two of the gifts the magi brought Him were these oils... 

But what are they good for? And are they more than symbolic? 


Redemption means “freedom.” Jesus is the One who sets us free. 

When we look back at “redemption,” we see that the word relates to the story of Exodus. That is, we learn WHAT that freedom LOOKS LIKE by looking at what happened to the people who were redeemed from slavery in Egypt… 

Their redemption was all- encompassing, and it was meant to be experienced now.


God doesn't reveal Himself to be studied...

God's revelation to you is ALWAYS something MORE than information! His revelation is for ENCOUNTER, for EXPERIENCE, for ENCOURAGEMENT...

His revelation is His INVITATION to receive what He is showing you- and to walk into a DEEPER experience of Him! This is especially true in the areas of health + healing!


The biggest wounds many of us have are never seen by others... 

If emotional wounds left visible scars, we'd know what to do and we'd never be able to avoid the issue...

I've been there, done it, and have the invisible scars to prove it.

I avoided the internal hurts for a decade...

Maybe you've wondered if it's possible for you to walk in health + healing, too...