Overcome hurts, habits, and hang-ups of the past without spending $1,000s on therapy, self-medicating, living in shame, or resigning to the notion “this is how things will always be.”

Introducing the 5-Week Freedom March Intensive

Move beyond the hurts + habits + hang-ups of the past and experience freedom

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I'll be your guide, and help you navigate from where you are to where you want to be in the world of emotional health + wholeness

💜 I've written a study guide for veterans with PTSD, led countless groups, and hosted two video courses on the subject

💜 I've written another book and discussed the topic numerous times on my podcast

But, more importantly than that, I've also...

💜 Been so overwhelmed with where I was that I took a psych eval

💜 Walked through the trenches of bankruptcy, divorce, and seeing everything you once knew disappear 

💜 Rebuilt and found "better" on the other side of the pain

Whether your goal is to find healing OR help others find wholeness, I'd love to help you on the journey.

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Three Tools = Your Go To Resources for this group-coaching journey!

Tool #1 = A daily video lesson

Every day, six days a week, watch a 5-10 lesson via video which will walk you through the Soul Wholeness program.

Watch on the website, in the app, or even on a smart television.

Each daily video has been arranged to walk you through the core of the 5-week program. And, each will take you deeper in your journey towards soul freedom.

Watch + rewatch as many times as you'd like w/ access forever, even after the program is finished!

Tool #2 = Daily journaling prompts

The Freedom March workbook was created as a companion resource to this 5-week program. 

Each day you’ll find a written description of the daily lesson, as well as specific action steps you can do— that day— to put into practice what you’re learning. 

The journal features two reflection questions per day, noting the truths you’ve learned.  

In years to come, you’ll look back on this tool and  reference how far you’ve come in your freedom march. 

Tool #3 = Weekly group coaching calls

Once a week you’ll have the opportunity to join a live video-call via Zoom, where we’ll walk through the most important points from that week’s daily lessons. 

During this group call you’ll have the opportunity to have your specific questions answered (you can submit them before hand and remain anonymous— or present them to the entire group and receive responses from others). 

Participants also have the chance to submit feedback about these live teachings, so their reflections and suggestions can be considered for the next lesson. 

All calls are placed in the online library. Catch the replay for any calls you miss or want to review again.

Our Outline

Here’s how the weeks flow: 


Week 1 (days 1-7) = Foundations

At the beginning of our time together we’ll first explore the Theological Foundations behind this material. This will provide you with a framework to understand everything else we will do together, and it will build your confidence. 

We’ll talk through instant healing vs. healing over time, we’ll discuss practical things you can do every day to walk in emotional wholeness, and we’ll outline areas people typically get stuck. Our focus at the end of this first week will be Soul Health Made Practical.


Week 2 (days 8-13) = The Soul or the Spirit?

The soul and the spirit are two different facets of us. Though both internal and unseen, they are different. Walking in emotional freedom requires understanding the basic differences, so we’ll first seek to Understand How We’re Created. 

Whereas week 1 provides us with a practical foundation for healing, week 2 creates a theological framework for total redemption. At the end of this week we’ll determine that Soul Freedom is Possible.


Week 3 (days 14-20)= Trauma + Triggers + PTSD

Virtually every issue we face is  the result of one of three types of hurts:

  1. Triggers (this may take the form of  Post Traumatic Stress (which, you’ll learn, might be diagnosed or undiagnosed)
  2. Guilt + Shame (including Moral Injury and Survivor’s Guilt)
  3. Soul Ties (unhealthy heart attachments to the wrong things or to the right things in the wrong way)

Though there are some similarities between each of these three categories, each must be handled differently because they are different. 

In week 3, after discussing the importance of The Heart and reading all of our feelings (even the “bad” ones), we’ll talk about how to navigate each of them in healthy ways, enabling our emotions to serve us rather than ensnare us— even when we bump into Triggers. 


Week 4 (days 21-27) = Hearts Made Whole 

We’ll walk through a practical framework to understand the type of soul wounds we are dealing with, as well as— more importantly— grabbing hold of some tools to help us find healing from the past, then lean forward in wholeness.

This week we’ll tackle Guilt + Shame  as well as Soul Ties (heart attachments). And, we’ll discuss the notion that we can even become addicted to good things in bad ways if we don’t understand our true value and identity. 

Ultimately, we want to Live From The Overflow of a heart that’s made whole, so that’s the direction we’ll head. 


Week 5 (days 28-35) = Live Soul-Made-Whole

Restoration doesn’t always look like a “cleaned-up” version of the old life, anymore than a butterfly resembles a clean-up caterpillar. Most of the time, something new and brilliantly beautiful emerges, something we couldn’t have previously dreamed possible. 

During the final week, we’ll discuss what redemption really looks like on a practical level— and I’ll outline Two Transformational Mirrors which continue shaping us into the people we’re designed to be, each enabling us to live our destiny. We’ll explore what it means to live All Things New.

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Learn practically-- and spiritually-- how to walk in freedom

And gain tools you can use for the future!

Is this for you?

You don’t reach your 30s, 40s, or even your 50s without bumping into the reality that life is both beautiful and life is difficult…

… and, many times, pain is involved. 

Sometimes, crisis happens as a result of the choices we make; other times it happens because of something others do. Either way, we can find hope and healing just the same.



Most of the people I interact with have three things in common— 

Trauma / crisis = something has happened. It might be big, it might be small. But it knocked you off balance, either way. 

Most of the time, if we really look back, we see that a series of things— sometimes even disconnected events— happened.

Faith = you still have it. It might be hidden, or perhaps need to be re-ignited. But it still matters to you.

The struggle for many people is this…

If we’re honest, we expected something different from life. And it’s hard to reconcile the goodness of God (which we still believe in) with the reality we’re living. 

Hope = you might have resigned yourself to the notion that the best days are behind you, on this side of Heaven, but you still believe— against the odds— that all things work together for the good (Romans 8:28).

The goal is to walk in true joy, rich depth, full satisfaction. 

And, you might even desire to help others with the hope you have, perhaps offering them a roadmap to walk through their hurts and pains once you find your way through. 



You want to…

👉 Begin your freedom march, your journey forward— even against the so-called odds

👉 Live with a heart that’s made whole, scars and all

👉 Experience healing— if a miracle happened and you were free of the guilt or shame or soul tie or lingering wounds, great… but, miracle or no miracle, you want to move forward.



In this 5-week program we'll talk about— 

💥 How to deal with pain without denying it, sweeping it under the rug, or tossing it in the closet

💥 How to live forward, even transforming the biggest problems areas into the strongest platforms which will become stepping stones for the future 

💥 How to overcome the hurts, habits, and hang-ups of the past without spending $1,000s on therapy, self-medicating, living in shame, or resigning to the notion that “this is how things will always be”



Here’s the game-changer…

We’ll keep the healing process connected to “real life,” to the things we already do every day. 

👉 Remember, Jesus said the Kingdom of God is within you (Luke 17:21). That means healing is an “inside job” and it’s close… available.

👉 Paul also wrote to a church that was so certain that they had hope in this life, that they overlooked the coming resurrection in the future (1 Corinthians 15:19). He didn’t overlook the fact that we grieve-- he suggested we do so differently, though, because of the hope of healing we have (see 1 Thessalonians 4:13-14).



I’ve been through the grinder— in my own way. Part of my story includes things like— 

❌ Anger

❌ Lying

❌ Financial dishonesty

❌ A roller-coaster marriage marked by as many lows as highs

❌ Fractured friendships

❌ Trust issues (difficulty letting people close)

❌ Pride & posturing (spinning to make reality seem better than it is)

❌ Foreclosures (as in three)

❌ Bankruptcy

❌ Depression (it’s hard to feel on top of the world when you live in the shadows and safeguard so much clutter in there with you)


… if I can find freedom, you can, too. 

These five bonuses empower you with the healing tools you need!

Bonus #1 = The Freedom March Methodology

This is your daily cheat sheet!

Faith— and freedom— is meant to be lived in the real world. This resources makes emotional wholeness pleasantly practical by outlining specific things for you to do each day.


Bonus #2 = Daily accountability + encouragement delivered via text 

Every day you’ll receive your daily dose of inspiration and empowerment. Part challenge and part comfort, these grace-filled messages have been crafted to encourage you at the beginning of your day. 

If you have questions, or need to make contact, you can always reply directly to these, too— and you’ll get me! 

Bonus #3 = Soul Wholeness audiobook 

I read my entire 400-plus page Soul Wholeness book in a studio and placed it in my new app. I’ll unlock this resource for you, too, enabling you to learn on-the-go. 

This is the resource upon which the entire 5-week program is based, so I encourage you to begin listening to this as soon as you register (it will be made available instantly, upon completing your checkout).

Bonus #4 = Community group + chat forum 

Many times the best lessons come from others. We see that we’re not alone, and we realize that we’re experiencing issues that are common to others. 

Not only does this show us that we’re not flawed, it also provides us with hope. Others have made it through; we’ll find our way, too.

You’ll have access to my private online group, as well as the community chat features in the app. You can ask your questions, offer feedback to others, or remain silent and simply observe.


Bonus #5 = Access to the archive of all past group calls

Each of the group coaching calls are placed in the online library where you can access them. This includes the video replay for the current 5-week intensive, as well as previous group sessions. 

(Note: I’m the only person who can be seen on the replay— so all attendees remain anonymous.)

Registration closes Sat. 5/14, Midnight CST

Your Freedom March Begins Monday, May 23!

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You'll receive instant access to the resources, but the group coaching will begin on the dates listed above.

This program is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prescribe. Though terms like PTSD, Moral Injury, and other “hot words” are referenced, you should seek the clinical supervision of a licensed professional who can meet with you in person if you feel you need close oversight.

Refund policy: if you complete the work and are not satisfied, send verification of your completed workbook w/in 2 weeks of program’s conclusion & you’ll receive a no-questions-asked refund. This provides 7 weeks from the start to receive the refund. 

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