When you need an "actual book" that you can hold in your hands...

Redemption: How two 2,000-plus year old stories empower you to live the life you know you're meant to live now

The Cross is the centerpiece of human history. There, Jesus was far more successful in setting us free than we've imagined possible.

Yet we learn more about the Cross and the practical application of it by looking at the Exodus story- another place in which people were set free.

6x9, 300 pages


When you discover what you’re gifted to do, you find your purpose. And finding your purpose changes everything.

But we can’t just go from “here” to “there” without the proper foundation.

More important that any of the ministry you’ll do is walking with an awareness of who you are. As you live from that, walking in His presence, your gifts overflow, spilling onto the world around you.

6x9, 300 pages


Advance: Define Your Dreams & Navigate from Here to There

No matter how great things are going OR how bad they are, you're more the the sum of all your highest highs and certainly more valuable than the sum of all the deepest lows...

Every situation is temporary- no matter how grand or how empty.You, on the other hand, are eternal. Full of glory. And ready to shine.

So what if we could step back, and plan a way to get from where we are to where we know we’re designed to be- in every area of life? 

5.5x8.5, 532 pages


The Next Best Step: Leave Your Past for Freedom, Grace, & Empowerment

Note: this is the core info used for the 12-step program.

Written from a perspective of grace + empowerment + freedom, this book empowers you to walk from the past as a new creation who has been re-made in the image of your Creator & Redeemer.

6x9, 276 pages


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