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Start Here (Life Planning #1)

life planning podcast Dec 08, 2020

Many of us hate goal setting, but we know we should do it. That is, living with intentionality is better than “doing random” or just “going with the flow.”


But maybe there’s something about how we’re often taught to set goals that unsettles us moreso than the idea of goal setting itself.

In this 4-part series, we break it down and offer another way to look at things, empowering you to move from where you are to where you’re designed to be.

Here’s where we begin…

In talk #1 we learn that there’s a certain rhythm to Creation— a way things just “work.” Specifically, the universe runs on rest, on intentional bursts of on and then “off.”

But two things knock us off balance—

👉 Anxiety

👉 Identity issues

This tag-team duo keeps us from taking that much-needed reset (we need it daily, weekly, and even annually). The result is that our bodies don’t rebuild physically, we don’t reset mentally, and we don’t regulate very well emotionally.

That knocks us out of whack. Big time.


When we step into the intentional rhythm of Creation, we live from a a different center.

Furthermore, we begin to see a blur between what is truly sacred and what is secular. That is, we discover that any activity can be holy and set apart for supernatural use. This frees us to stewards the gifts and time and calling that we’ve been given…


And once we understand that, we’re ready to truly begin living the life we’re designed to live.




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