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Podcast: Your Private Soundtrack (Life Planning #2)

life planning podcast Dec 15, 2020

In talk #2 of the Life Planning series we discuss the soundtrack which plays in our heads.

Who’s got a bad one, sometimes?

And, who needs to change the story they tell themselves?

Yeah— all of us at one point or another…

Here’s why…

👉 We’ll live from the story that’s playing there moreso than any other thing. Whereas many of us are quick to “shut up” someone who speaks against us, we need to learn to manage our own negative self-talk as well.

Read that again.


Manage. Your. Own. Negative. Self. Talk.


This doesn’t mean we deny reality or cease being honest with ourselves. Rather, it acknowledges that our thoughts— and our mindset— are important factors in how we live.

Many times, we react negatively to our circumstances because they seem mundane. We compare our “normal” with other people’s “highs.”

But, when we look at reality, we see that the supernatural most often happens amidst the ordinary. Understanding this frees us to embrace the small blessings of everyday life— and even plan for them.





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