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Podcast: The Law of the Harvest (Life Planning #3)

life planning podcast Dec 22, 2020

Wherever we focus our time + energy will grow— for good or bad. So, it’s important that we focus on the things we want to grow.

In talk #3 we dive deep into the law of the harvest, that is, sowing and reaping. And, we see that it works in every area of life.


Sowing and reaping is a principle implemented on the 3rd day when the power of seed bearing plants were spoken forth by God (Genesis 1:11). You know the principle: like begets like based on something already inside the first of the “likes.”

Somehow, we've just assumed that “seed” only works in biology. However, “seed” is a principle of creation which works in every area of life.

This is what Moses meant when he taught “Whatever you put your hand to prospers” (Deuteronomy 15:10).

Here’s how it works…

✅ You reap WHAT you sow…

So plant the right thing.

✅ You reap it WHERE you sow it…

So plant it where you want the seed to grow…

✅ You reap MORE than you sow…

So, rest assured— for good or bad— your efforts will be multiplied!.

✅ You reap AFTER you sow…

So don’t delay. Start now. The sooner you sow, the sooner you the harvest comes.



Though we cannot control the harvest (like a farmer), we can manage the cultivation process. We can faithfully do the work set before us, even the unglamorous and simple…

Small actions doing regularly, over time, have incredible results. So, we should never underestimate the power of simply showing up with our best selves and faithful tending to our field.





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