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Podcast: Rest- #56

podcast Apr 16, 2018

Over the past few months it hit me: rest is part of the rhythm of life. In the same way that good music depends on the times when the instruments are NOT being played (think about it- if there are no “rests” the you simply have noise), so also does life depend on the times when we’re off. 

This is a principle that goes all the way back to Creation…

We think of our days as daylight and then nighttime. But, in the Creation story we read this refrain over and over- that there was “evening” and then “morning.” In other words, days originally began with night time, not daytime… they began with rest, not activity. 

This is why Jesus was pulled from the Cross before sundown. The Sabbath began as soon as the sun dropped. That was the sign of a new day… the rest.

Here’s where it gets interesting in the Creation story…

Adam was created on the 6th day- at the end of the day. By the time he’s scooped from the dirt, God has been busy making all the animals that fill the earth (see Genesis 1:24). That is, Adam is created at the END of the 6th day. 

Then comes the 7th day…

Which begins with evening (rest)…

Followed by morning (and a complete day of nothing but… yes… rest).

In other words, the first 24-plus hours that Adam was around… rest.

The story of Eve’s creation is interesting, too. God creates her from the side of Adam. He does so while Adam sleeps (Genesis 2:22). 

Paul tells us that “woman is the glory of man” (1 Corinthians 11:7). That is, when we see her shine, we can presume that the man has lived his calling- that he has promoted her, elevated her, and loved her well. He shines by causing her to radiate.

It’s interesting, though. She’s the crown of Creation (the final jewel that’s created), and she comes FROM the man. Adam was required for her to be made. 

Yet Adam slept through the entire process. That is, the greatest thing he ever participated in happened WHILE he rested. 

What do we see? We’re made for presence- not performance. 



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