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Podcast: Redeeming Creation (or- Who cursed creation- us or God?)- #39

podcast work Dec 04, 2017

Work changed after the Fall. Creative labor (that’s what work really is- or should be, right?) no longer had the ease to it that it had before sin entered the equation. In a real sense, the ground “fought back” with Adam. 

The raises an interesting question: Why did God do this? Why did God curse the ground?

God said, “Cursed is the ground because of you” (Genesis 3:17). In other words, it’s clear here that the curse is a direct result of Adam’s sin.

This leads us to the obvious follow-up question: Did God curse the ground, or did He simply communicate to Adam the result of his actions? 

Or, to ask the question another way- Did God curse Creation or did we?

If God cursed Creation, then we can lay the blame for every natural disaster on Him. Even though insurance agencies refer to tornadoes and hurricanes as “acts of God,” do we really believe that He causes- or caused- them?

Did God cause the storm at sea that Jesus calmed (Mark 4:37f.)? Or did Satan? In that story is God at “tug-of-war” with devil… or with Himself?

Jesus tells us, “The thief comes to kill, steal, and destroy. I, on the other hand, have come to give you life” (John 10:10). 

If anything is marked by killing, stealing, or destroying, it clearly doesn’t originate with God. We never see Jesus causing storms, we only see Him calming them, right? 


  • if God causes sickness…
  • if God causes mental disease… 
  • if God causes emotional unrest…
  • if God causes poverty… 
  • if God causes natural disasters…
  • if God caused Creation to be cursed… 

… if these things are true… then why pray for healing, for mental clarity, for emotional wholeness, for provision… for storms to abate… and for work to even be meaningful? Wouldn’t we be asking Him to fix something He did? 

It seems to me that the current state of Creation is an example of sowing and reaping, a principle implemented on the 3rd day when the power of seed bearing plants were spoken forth by God (Genesis 1:1-11).

Creation mirrors who we are- in terms of both rebellion and ultimate redemption. The image of the "rebellious" dirt shows us where've been... but, the glory that unfolds shows us where we're headed.


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