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Podcast: The First Thing God Says to People Who Are Free- #36

healing health podcast Nov 13, 2017

Continuing the discussion from the previous talk, we go back to the Exodus story and look at how God first revealed Himself to the Children of Israel after freeing them from slavery. 

A lot of people feel that we somehow diminish the other gifts of God- particularly, forgiveness of sins- if we “emphasize” miracles. Things like healing. 

“Keep our eye on the main thing,” people caution.

“And stay focused on the meat of the Word,” they warn, “instead of the superficialities.”

Some of even argue that Satan wants to heal people in order to lead them astray. And, while we DO see examples in the Bible where false prophets can do false signs and wonders, the general thrust of Scripture is that God wants His children well.

What good father wouldn’t want THIS for His kids...?

It makes sense, then, that the first way in which God revealed Himself to the Children of Israel AFTER being freed speaks to this very issue. This first revelation… well… it comes in the wilderness.  And it comes immediately after something that SEEMS to have nothing to do with the need for healing (see Exodus 15:26). 

The call here is for the Children of Israel to CHOOSE a life of health, of wellness, of walking in the path God outlines for them…

Not to be driven by “rules” or “law,” but to see AND experience that there actually is a better way…

One that is not riddled with disease.

One in which we aren’t plagued by the consistent nuisances that most people simply learn to tolerate.

One that allows us to be the most empowered version of ourselves so that we can do the amazing things set before us… our own version of the Promised Land.


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