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Podcast: Healing + Health- #35

healing health podcast Nov 06, 2017

Somebody asked me a few weeks ago, “Why do you teach natural health?”

By that, they meant something like this: “You teach grace and healing… why do we need natural health if we have supernatural power available to us?”

It’s a great question. 

The sarcastic reply would be, “Why do you need doctors and Western medicine if we have supernatural power available? Whereas ‘church people’ seem hesitant to venture into the natural health waters for fear that they’ll contract ‘new age’ demons, few of them give a second thought about rushing to the doc in the box, big pharma, or invasive surgeries…”

Why do you need that if you have supernatural power?

The honest reply, though, the sincere one that penetrates the heart… and loves deeply… and is THE RIGHT answer (I believe) is multifaceted:

First, we have far more control over our health than we’ve been taught. We’re not victims of the genome- as if some of us got a good shake at the DNA-lottery and others of us didn’t. Science is showing, more and more, that we have far more power than we thought.

Second, Jesus taught- and empowered His disciples- with natural health info. In other words, natural health isn’t a new idea; it’s been around a long, long time. 

Third, according to the New Testament, natural health is as much a part of what Jesus came to do as supernatural healing.

I know. That last one sounds odd. And I’ll have to back it up. Give me a few minutes in this talk, and I’ll get to it….

You see, every day we have the power to “choose life.” With our words. In our finances. In our relationships. In how we respond to various situations. And in our health… 


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