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Podcast: Everyone Can Be Healed- #32

faith healing salvation Oct 16, 2017

Sometimes, what we need betrays our theological box. So the box has to go. That is, we find ourselves facing a circumstance where we DESPERATELY need God to shine… yet it doesn’t fit the way we’ve been told He moves….

Physical healing is one of these areas. It’s a box we create, and a box that can’t withstand the pressure of reality. 

My experience… 

In the past I came in contact with two groups on two different extremes that theologically didn’t believe in physical healing. It didn’t fit their “intellectual system.” 

On one hand, Christian fundamentalists assumed that Jesus healed, and that the disciples healed. But, healing passed away once we had the Bible. We no longer needed miracles to “know” how God is since we could just read about Him in print…

Say what? 

Yeah, that’s what they said. 

Some of the leaders in this movement even said that when we see healing- or other miracles, or prophecy, or speaking in tongues- then it’s a safe bet to assume that’s actually the devil himself trying to deceive us. (You can read their blogs on the Internet, or you can run down to Barnes & Noble and grab their books!)

I know. That point-of-view doesn’t fit with places where Jesus said, “The thief comes to steal and kill and destroy.” Then- “I, on the other hand, have come to give you life to the full” (John 10:10).  

It’s like these people were more confident in the devil’s ability to trick us than they were the Holy Spirit’s ability to love and empower us…

There’s another side, though. On the other extreme were “Christian” liberalists… those who decided that the miracles in the Bible didn’t actually happen (i.e., no Resurrection, no flood and Noah’s Ark, no Jonah in the whale). The logical outcome for this mental head game is, of course, no miracles back then = no miracles now. 

In other words, no healing, either.

Here’s what’s odd: both of these groups can’t stand each other, yet the practical application of BOTH of these groups is actually the same (what they believe is different; how they live it out is eerily similar!). You accept your lot. You pray. You grin and bear it…

But that doesn’t work, does it?

Regardless of what theological system they come from, when people NEED a miracle, they suddenly BELIEVE in the possibility of miracles. Sure, there’s some hesitancy… issues of worth and value and merit sometimes creep in….

But grace….

Grace is always bigger. 

And better…

And the end result is… well, everyone can be healed. Everyone

Fundamentalist Christians can be healed. Liberal Christians can be healed. Spirit-filled Christians can be healed. Non-believers who don’t identify as Christians can be healed… 


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