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Podcast: It Works Both Ways- #29

emotional healing podcast shame Sep 25, 2017

 In this talk, we continue the conversation on shame… and how it, left unchecked, can become our identity. Here, I shift the focus from what I’ve learned “by the book” to what I’ve gathered from experience.

It was a huge eye-opener for me when I learned that we could be radically affected by others sins against us. Sure, most of us understand this on a childhood level (that person took my toy, this friend called me a bad name, etc.). The lesson seems to take on an entirely new level of significance, though, when we place the concept in the world of #adulting. The stakes get higher, the sins get bigger, the harm becomes more lethal. 

It was ANOTHER level of insight altogether for me when I realized we could be affected by some of these sins that weren’t our fault… things done against us that require cleansing but not necessarily forgiveness (i.e., we bear no guilt, but we’re wounded). Sure, it sounds simple looking in hindsight- and I wonder how I missed it for so long. But, it’s a game-changer once you see it. 

That leads me to the point of this talk… 

The reality is that we’ve been hurt by others AND we have actually been the one TO HURT others. In other words, we’re both victims of sin and perpetrators of sin. 

No, I’m not saying that “all sin is created equal,” that some actions don’t cause more harm than others. However, I AM suggesting that we’ve been on the receiving end of hurt AS WELL AS the giving end…

Thankfully, grace flows both ways. Grace forgives us- and cleanses their hurt. God is always at work. Furthermore- and this one is HUGE- He does His work of forgiveness and cleansing even when people whom we’ve hurt refuse forgive us.


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